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Willapa Marine Products, Inc. 
is your Shellfish Harvesting Gear Specialists!


   Our marine products are available through authorized sporting goods retailers in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Canada. Please check the list on our "Retail Outlet Page" to find a retailer near you. Feel free to "Contact Us" about any questions you might have about our product line. Thank you!

Today's Specials

Willapa's Oyster Knife
Price: $6.99
Willapa's Oyster Knife
This oyster knife features a 4" stainless steel blade with a blunt tip and edges to better penetrate the oyster shell. **NEW ITEM**
Willapa's PRE-BAITED Crawfish Trap
Price: $49.99
Willapa's PRE-BAITED Crawfish Trap
PRE-BAITED Crawfish Trap 9x9" Black Poly Coated Steel Mesh. Attached slotted bait jar includes 12oz. bait pellets. Made in USA **NEW ITEM**


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